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The Stone Sett

Short, fat, irritable, and prone to hibernation

Hematite Badger
Unearthing tales, digging for dreams.

Badgers are storytellers: strong, single-minded, and frequently territorial.

They're not often someone's fanfiction alter ego, but it's not unheard of.

Posts here are sporadic. I'm a slow writer to begin with, and this journal has to compete for my attention with a social life, a job, several original fiction projects, and the deep and abiding love that sleep and I share. I'm also dedicated to quality; nothing gets posted until I and at least one beta have doublechecked it for grammar, spelling, and canon. You are more than welcome to friend this journal, comment on any entries that strike your fancy, and link other people to it. Any and all concrit is welcome. And when I say "any and all concrit is welcome," I mean it. I have a creative writing degree and I spent most of my time in college and high school taking writing-intensive courses. Believe me, I know the nitpicking is the only way I'll improve.

My current primary fandoms are listed in the interests. More may crop up in time. Fics will generally be lighthearted, character-driven, and are unlikely to be rated above a mild PG-13. I've been affectionately described as a "sentimental old baggage," which I find both adorable and frequently accurate, so take that as you will. I will, on occasion, have very, very weird ideas. This you can blame on vertelemming. Go on, he deserves it. You should see the weird ideas he feeds me that I don't write.

GENERAL DISCLAIMER: The characters and settings in these works of fiction are all property of their respective copyright holders. No infringement upon said copyrights is intended, and no profit is being made or solicited by the writing and sharing of these stories.