Hematite Badger (hematitebadger) wrote,
Hematite Badger

30 days of TV: Day 13(ish)

Day 13 - Favorite childhood show

I wasn't really into TV as a kid, at least not the way I am now. Had I been exposed to fandom as a child, I would have gravitated far more towards movies and might never have wandered over to the TV side of things. Also, I have this weird thing where I just don't remember much of my childhood and I don't care to. Nothing traumatic, nothing repressed, I'm just...odd like that, sometimes. The closest I can get to an answer for this one is actually Jeopardy!. Between late elementary school and early high school it was a daily thing for me because it was the show I watched with my dad. He's a huge history buff and knows pretty much everything about music, film, and television from the 70s and older. I'm a literature student and a trivia addict and I can at least make educated guesses about all things pop culture from the 80s on. We're both geniuses for wordplay. Between the two of us, we were unstoppable.

And I still have a bit of a crush on Ken Jennings.
Tags: 30 days, non-fic
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