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30 days of TV: Day 29

Day 29 - Current TV show obsession

Ah heh. Have you been listening?

Truly, I do not have enough words in me to praise this season of Doctor Who adequately. When the confusion about what to call this season started, I gave up on the official numbering system and filed it as Season 11.1. After a few episodes, when I was starting to see (and cheer for) the distinct "This is not RTD's show anymore" vibe, I mentally relabeled it Season Upraised Middle Finger.

By the final episode, it had cemented its place in my heart as Season Pony. As in "the pony you wanted for Christmas when you were six." I truly could not ask for more than this show gave me. A big-hearted companion who's as mad as she is insightful, who's learning herself at the same time that she's learning the universe, and who approaches it all with a sense of fearless wonder. A second companion, who blooms more slowly and eventually proves himself to be the bravest and most devoted man in all of history. A Doctor who's utterly beautiful and utterly alien and utterly ancient, who's seen more death and darkness than anyone else in the universe but who still chooses love and joy every time, who took all of an episode and a half to become my Doctor. A TARDIS who's fully acknowledged as a character in her own right. A River Song I fell in love with almost immediately after my utter distaste for her in her first appearance. Loveable and well-rounded oneshot characters in every episode, especially the "filler" episode before the big finale. Dialogue that sparkles with emotion and intelligence and humor, and just the right touch of jokes designed to go over the little ones' heads. Episodes that were almost all brilliant (look, I just hate everything about the daleks, okay, and the Silurian two-parter was important to the story but just a bit meh). An episode that made me cry repeatedly. An arc that was deliberately unsubtle but blended seamlessly into the individual episode plots. A continuity error that wasn't. Mysteries that teased the audience but never withheld information from us. The most epic love story in the show's history, possibly even television's history. A finale that I did not see coming at all, and I can't even remember the last time that happened. A conclusion that wrapped up all the important ends into a neat little bow on top of a big box of love and joy and celebration, but which left just enough threads hanging so that we'll have something to grab onto to pull us into next season.

Something old.
Something new.
Something borrowed.
Something blue.
Something perfect.
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