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30 days of TV: Day 20(ish)

God, I'm never gonna catch up.

Day 20 - Favorite kiss

This one's got a definite "Don't do this to me!" feel to it. I am a raging sucker for sweet moments (yeah, tomorrow's gonna kill me too), and trying to make me narrow it down to one is just cruel. So is trying to make me narrow it down to eight, which is the best I can do.

First, because I can't not celebrate platonic kisses and I already nodded to it as my favorite show: The X-Files, "Memento Mori," the forehead kiss. Either you know it or you don't, and if you do you're nodding right along with me.

Second, because brokenheydar reminded me of it and it was too good to pass up, the first drunken, angry kiss between Niles and C.C. on The Nanny. Don't give me that look. The insane antagonistic relationship between those two was the highlight of a show that was surprisingly big-hearted, and watching it turn into attraction while still maintaining the anger was comedy gold.

And then there's one that I've already mentioned in this meme. The Desmond and Penny reunion that made it into my 'best scene' post is also one of the best kisses ever.

Chuck and Sarah. If you told me near the middle of this last season that they were ever going to make it onto one of my 'best of' lists as a couple, I'd probably have laughed at you. But all of a sudden in episode 13 -- which, when it was written, stood a very real chance of being the last episode ever -- the writers suddenly got their act together. And this was summed up in the kiss between the two at the end of episode 14. It's two people who are 100% comfortable with each other, saying, "We love each other and we're not going to dance around that any longer." And it's the writers saying the same thing, and also slipping in, "And the bit where shows go downhill when the two leads finally get together? Bite me; it ain't happening." And the rest of the season bore that out.

There's one that deserves a sort of 'bonus honorable mention,' because it's not so much a kiss as every single kiss between Wendy and Tyler on The Middleman. Both of them just look so damn happy every time that it makes me go "Eee" inside.

There are three more, and all of them are from the last few episodes of this season of Doctor Who. I tried to hold out, really. It's less than half the list, right? But yeah. To quote Doctor Song:
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The first one is The Kiss That Saved the Solar System, from "The Lodger." This episode was an unexpected gem, feeling like a romantic comedy where a sci-fi mystery had fallen through the roof and brough a comedy of manners along with it, and Craig and Sophie were surprisingly endearing together. We'd only known them for about half an hour at that point, but the episode was so well-crafted that there was an immense sense of history behind their interactions, and I was shouting at Craig to kiss the girl just as loudly as Amy and the Doctor were.

Second was the kiss between Amy and the Doctor in "Flesh and Stone." No, not that one. The sweet and gentle kiss on the forehead in the oxygen factory, the one that didn't earn its status as 'best' until it came back in "The Big Bang." And a round of applause to those of us who figured out that the big continuity error in that scene wasn't a continuity error. That little scenelet is a beautiful example of the Doctor's love for Amy. He's promising to rescue her and keep her safe, and at the same time he's asking her to do the same for him.

As for the third one:
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The most epic love story in the history of television. He waited two thousand years for her, she dragged him back into existence on force of memory alone twice. And trust me, there were plenty of epic kisses to choose from. But this one, on their wedding day, after the dust has settled, with the two of them looking more content than they could ever hope to be, is the one that sums it all up. This is what I waited all season for, and the delivery did not fail.
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